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Learn From the Pros

After I did a few open mics and got some laughs, I started feeling pretty confident about myself and my stand-up. But then I went and saw Lewis Black perform in Atlanta…

Lewis Black is an amazing comic and one of the reasons I started doing stand-up. The guy is hilarious, clever and capable of captivating an audience with his rants. Check out some of his work.

Here’s the thing; Lewis Black has done numerous half hour and hour long specials. The guy writes new material and performs it every year. I’ve only got 6-10 minutes of material.

Needless to say, seeing Lewis Black at work was a humbling experience.

I view this experience as motivation to get better, to try new material, and keep trying to get bigger and better laughs from my jokes.

Will I ever be as great as Lewis Black? Probably not. But there’s nothing wrong with trying to get there.

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