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6/1-MaiKai (Athens)

6/2-The Globe (Athens)

6/5-The Root (Athens)

6/6-Hendershots (Athens)

6/8-Alley Stage (Marietta)

6/13-Eden Lounge (Atlanta)

6/14-Don't Tell Comedy (Charlotte, NC)

6/18-Flicker (Athens)

6/20-The Globe (Athens)

6/21-Don't Tell Comedy (Greenville, SC)

6/21-Jittery Joe's (Bethlehem)

6/22-Moose Lodge (Winder)

6/22-Bad Moon Bar (Athens)

6/27-Athentic Brewery (Athens)

6/29-Foxglove Plantbar (Athens)

6/30-Stripes Pub and Grill (Navarre, FL)


7/5-Monkey Wrench (Suwanee)

7/7-The Globe (Athens)

7/10-The Root (Athens)

7/12-Sugar Hill Distillery (Sugar Hill)

7/16-Flicker Theatre (Athens)

7/19-Jittery Joe's (Bethlehem)

7/27-Foxglove Plantbar (Athens)


8/14-Slow Pour Brewery (Lawrenceville)


12/14-Private Event

Past Shows

5/31/24-Ground and Pound (Alpharetta)

5/30/24-Atlanta Theater (Atlanta)

5/29/24-Alley Stage (Marietta)

5/26/24-The Globe (Athens)

5/25/24-Foxglove Plantbar (Athens)

5/22/24-Alley Stage (Marietta)

5/21/24-Flicker (Athens)

5/19/24-The Globe (Athens)

5/18/24-Georgia Ensemble Theater (Roswell)

5/17/24-Jittery Joes (Bethlehem)

5/15/24-Alley Stage (Marietta)

5/11/24-Comedy Catch (Chattanooga)

5/10/24-Comedy Catch (Chattanooga)

5/8/24-Alley Stage (Marietta)

5/5/24-The Globe (Athens)

5/4/24-Heavale Brewing Company (Calhoun)

5/2/24-Hendershot's (Athens)

5/1/24-The Root (Athens)

4/28/24-The Globe (Athens)

4/27/24-Foxglove Plantbar (Athens)

4/26/24-Alley Stage (Marietta)

4/25/24Onward Reserve (Athens)

4/24/24-Saucehouse (Athens)

4/21/24-The Globe (Athens)

4/19/24-Jittery Joe's (Bethlehem)

4/18/24-Laugh Loft (Decatur)

4/17/24-Chaplins (Roswell)

4/14/24-The Globe (Athens)

4/13/24-Little Tree Arts Studio (Avondale)

4/11/24-Onward Reserve (Athens)

4/10/24-Stoney J's (Cumming)

4/7/24-The Globe (Athens)

4/4/24-Hendershot's (Athens)

4/3/24-The Root (Athens)

3/30/24-Foxglove Plantbar (Athens)

3/29/24-Palmetto Distillery (Anderson, SC)

3/28/24-Onward Reserve (Athens)

3/27/24-40 Watt w/ Patton Oswalt (Athens)

3/26/24-40 Watt w/ Patton Oswalt (Athens)

3/23/24-Punchline with Dana Gould (Atlanta)

3/22/24-Punchline with Dana Gould (Atlanta)

3/20/24-Punchline (Atlanta)

3/16/24-Moose Lodge (Winder)

3/15/24-Jittery Joe's (Bethlehem)

3/14/24-Laughing Skull (Atlanta)

3/12/24-Bad Moon Bar (Athens)

3/12/24-Flicker (Athens)

3/10/24-The Globe (Athens)

3/9/24-Rabbit Hole Studios (Athens)

3/7/24-Hendershot's (Athens)

3/6/24-The Root (Athens)

3/3/24-The Globe (Athens)

3/2/24-The Block (Fort Walton Beach, FL)

3/1/24-Oconee Community Theater (Seneca, SC)

2/29/24-Onward Reserve (Athens)

2/25/24-The Globe (Athens)

2/24/24-Rally Point Grille (Woodstock)

2/16/24-Jittery Joe's (Bethlehem)

2/16-18/24-Comedy Catch (Chattanooga)

2/10/24-Punchline (Atlanta)

2/9/24-Punchline (Atlanta)

2/8/24-Onward Reserve (Athens)

2/7/24-The Root (Athens)

2/5/24-Gyro Wrap (Athens)

2/5/24-Cozy's (Athens)

2/4/24-The Globe (Athens)

2/1/24-Hendershot's (Athens)

1/28/24-The Globe (Athens)

1/28/24-Maikai (Athens)

1/27/24-Foxglove Plantbar (Athens)

1/25/24-Joystick Gamebar (Atlanta)

1/21/24-The Globe (Athens)

1/19/24- Jittery Joe's (Bethlehem)

1/18/24-Schoolhouse Brewing (Atlanta)

1/14/24-The Globe (Athens)

1/13/24-KOS Smyrna (Smyrna)

1/12/24-Dupp & Swatt (Charlotte, NC)

1/11/24-Crown Station Coffee (Charlotte, NC)

1/9/24-Flicker Theater (Athens)

1/7/24-The Globe (Athens)

1/5/24-MaiKai (Athens)

1/5/24-40 Watt (Athens)

1/3/24-The Root (Athens)

12/31/23-Private Event (Atlanta)

12/28/23- The Root (Athens)

12/23/23-Alley Stage (Marietta)

12/21/23-Old Vinings Inn (Atlanta)

12/19/23-Joey's Pancake House (Maggie Valley, NC)

12/15/23-Jittery Joe's Barrow (Bethlehem)

12/14/23-Blue Ridge Comedy Festival (Bristol, TN)

12/9/23-Private Event (Athens)

12/8/23-MaiKai-Roast of Owen Hunt (Athens)

12/6/23-The Root (Athens)

12/5/23-Flicker Bar (Athens)

12/3/23-MaiKai (Athens)

11/30/23-Onward Reserve (Athens)

11/30/23-Athentic Brewing (Athens)

11/26/23-MaiKai (Athens)

11/25/23-From the Earth Brewing (Roswell)

11/24/23-Gyro Wrap (Athens)

11/19/23-Distillery of Modern Art (Chamblee)

11/18/23-Private Event (Marietta)

11/17/23-Jittery Joe's (Bethlehem)

11/15/23-Saucehouse (Athens)

11/9/23-Onward Reserve (Athens)

11/6/23-Gyro Wrap (Athens)

11/2/23-Sweetwater Brewery (Atlanta)

11/1/23-The Root (Athens)

10/28/23-MaiKai (Athens)

10/27/23-Jittery Joe's (Bethlehem)

10/26-Athentic (Athens)

10/21/23-Comedy Catch (Chattanooga)

10/20/23-Sluggo's (Chattanooga)

10/19/23-JJ's Bohemia (Chattanooga)

10/17/23-Flicker (Athens)

10/5/23-Onward Reserve (Athens)

10/4/23-The Root (Athens)

10/1/23-Laughing Skull (Atlanta)

9/29/23-Private Event (Atlanta)

9/21/23-Laugh Loft (Avondale Estates)

9/19/23-Flicker (Athens)

9/15/23-Jittery Joe's (Bethlehem)

9/14/23-Onward Reserve (Athens)

9/8/23-Carolina Theater (Greensboro, NC)

9/7/23-Idiot Box (Greensboro, NC)

9/6/23-The Root (Athens)

9/1/23- Oconee Community Theater(Seneca, SC)

8/31/23-Onward Reserve (Athens)

8/30/23-MaiKai (Athens)

8/30/23-Saucehouse (Athens)

8/28/23-Joe's Coffee (Atlanta)

8/25/23-The Comedy Catch (Chattanooga) w/ Big Irish Jay

8/26/23-The Comedy Catch (Chattanooga) w/ Big Irish Jay

8/22/23-Flicker Theater (Athens)

8/18/23-Jittery Joe's (Bethlehem)

8/12/23-The Punchline with Michael Yo (Atlanta)

8/9/23-Asheville Comedy Festival (Asheville)

8/5-Twisted Tavern (Sugar Hill)

8/4/23-Workshop (Athens)

8/2/23-The Root (Athens)

7/28/23-Don't Tell Comedy (Charlotte)

7/21/23-Jittery Joe's (Bethlehem)

7/18/23-Flicker (Athens)

7/12/23-The Root (Athens)

7/10/23-Avalon (Alpharetta)

7/10/23-Avenue East Cobb (Marietta)

7/7/23-Blue Door (Gainesville)

6/29-Athentic Brewery(Athens)

6/22/23-The Comedy Catch (Chattanooga)

6/16/23-Jittery Joe's (Bethlehem)

6/15/23-Laugh Loft (Decatur)

6/15/23-Old Vinings Inn (Smyrna)

6/7/23-The Root (Athens)

6/6/23-Limerick Junction (Atlanta)

6/5/23-The Local (Athens)

6/3/23-Butcher and Bottle (Atlanta)

5/30/23-International Grill (Athens)

5/25/23-Comedy Zone (Greenville)

5/23/23-Private Event (Atlanta)

5/19/23-Jittery Joe's (Bethlehem)

5/17/23-Private Event (Callaway Gardens)

5/16/23-Flicker Theater (Athens)

5/12/23-FurKids (Cumming)

5/3/23-The Root (Athens)

4/30/23 Bridges Brewing (Alpharetta)

4/25/23-International Grill (Athens) 

4/21/23-Jittery Joe's (Athens)

4/19/23-The Punchline (Atlanta) World Series of Comedy

4/18/23-Flicker Theater (Athens)

4/15/23-The Rabbit Hole (Athens)

4/7/23-Red Clay Music Foundry (Duluth)

4/5/23-The Root (Athens)

3/31/23-Palmetto Distillery (Anderson, SC)

3/25/23-Pinkie's Up (Roswell)

3/24/23-Jittery Joe's (Athens)

3/17/23-Sluggos (Chattanooga, TN)

3/11/23-ASW Whiskey Exchange (Atlanta)

3/6/23-Private Event

3/1/23-The Root (Athens)

2/28/23-International Grill (Athens) 

2/24/23-Coffee Bar Atlanta (Atlanta)

2/22-Laughing Skull (Atlanta)

2/17-Jittery Joe's (Bethlehem)

2/13-I Heart Mac and Cheese (Athens)

2/10-Work.shop (Athens)

2/3/23-MaiKai (Athens)

2/1/23-The Root (Athens)

1/31/23-International Grill (Athens)

1/28/23-American Legion (Sugar Hill)

1/21/23-Trackside Pizza (Calhoun)

1/20/23-Stratford Pub(Atlanta)

1/19/23-Old Vinings Inn (Atlanta)

1/16/23-I Heart Mac and Cheese (Athens)

1/16/23-Mulberry Grove (Statham)

1/13/23-Jittery Joe's (Bethlehem)

1/8/23-The Bernie and Zack Show (Podcast)

1/6/23-50 First Jokes (40 Watt in Athens)

1/4/23-The Root (Athens)

12/30/22-Chuch Bar (Athens)

12/30/22-MaiKai (Athens)

12/29/22-Buvez (Athens)

12/29/22-Athentic Brewing (Athens)

12/28/22-Round Trip Brewing Company (Atlanta)

12/27/22-International Grill (Athens)

12/16/22-Jittery Joe's (Bethlehem)

12/11/22-Shazzy's (Buford)

12/10/22-Private Show

12/7/22-The Root (Athens)

11/30/22-Live Wire (Athens)

11/29/22-International Grill (Athens)

11/15/22-Laughing Skull (Atlanta)

11/12/22-Private Event

11/11/22-Jittery Joe's (Bethlehem)

11/10/22-40 Watt (Athens) opening for Sasheer Zamata

11/9/22-Saucehouse (Athens)

11/3/22-World Famous (Athens) opening for Adam Newman

11/2/22-The Root (Athens)

10/28/22-Girl and Goblin (Asheville, NC)

10/26/22-40 Watt (Athens)

10/25/22-International Grill (Athens)

10/21/22-Jittery Joe's (Bethlehem)

10/19/22-Old Fourth Ward (Atlanta)

10/13/22-Blake's (Braselton)

10/5/22-The Root (Athens)

9/29/22-Athentic Brewing (Athens)

9/27/22-International Grill (Athens)

9/24/22-Church Bar (Athens)

9/24/22-Private Event (McDonough)

9/23/22-Rabbit Hole Studio (Athens)

9/22/22-Old Vinings Inn (Smyrna)

9/20/22-Flicker Theater (Athens)

9/18/22-Buvez (Athens)

9/17/22-101 Bagel Cafe (Duluth)

9/16/22-Jittery Joe's (Bethlehem)

9/13/22-Laughing Skull (Atlanta)

9/10/22-Trackside Pizza (Calhoun)

9/8/22-Blake's (Braselton)

9/7/22-The Root (Athens)

9/2/22-MaiKai (Athens)

8/30/22-International Grill (Athens)

8/27/22-101 Bagel Cafe (Duluth)

8/19/22-Jittery Joe's (Bethlehem)

8/17/22-Hit's Taproom (Braselton)

8/16/22-Flicker Theater (Athens)

8/12/22-Waller's Coffee (Atlanta)

8/11/22-Blake's (Braselton)

8/5/22-MaiKai Kava (Athens)

8/3/22-The Root (Athens)

7/26/22-International Grill (Athens)

7/23/22-101 Bagel Cafe (Duluth)

7/21/22-Manor Lake (Braselton)

7/21/22-Akademia (Athens)

7/16/22-Firefly Bar and Grill (Alpharetta)

7/15/22-Jittery Joe's (Bethlehem)

7/14/22-Blake's (Braselton)

7/6/22-The Root (Athens)

6/28/22-International Grill (Athens)

6/17/22-Jittery Joe's (Athens)

6/13/22-Mulberry Grove (Statham)

6/9/22-Blake's of Braselton (Braselton)

6/4/22-Private Event

6/3/22-MaiKai Kava (Athens)

6/1/22-The Root (Athens)

5/31/22-International Grill (Athens)

5/21/22-Bagel 101 (Duluth)

5/20/22-Jittery Joe's (Bethlehem)

5/14/22-Pinkies Up (Roswell)

5/13/22-Sugar Hill Distillery (Sugar Hill)

5/6/22-MaiKai Kava (Athens)

5/5/22-Hotel Indigo-Best of ATL (Athens)

5/1/22-Laughing Skull-Best of ATL (Atlanta)

4/27/22-The Root (Athens)

4/26/22-International Grill (Athens)

4/22/22-Bagel 101(Duluth)

4/21/22-Akademia (Athens)

4/19/22-Mulberry Grove (Statham)

4/15/22-Jittery Joe's (Winder)

4/9/22-Canopy + The Roots (Dahlonega)

4/5/22-Best End Brewery (Atlanta)

4/3/22-Krakin Jokes (Athens)

4/1/22-MaiKai Kava Lounge (Athens)

3/29/22-International Grill (Athens)

3/26/22-Latin Flavors (Winder)

3/23/22-Saucehouse (Athens)

3/20/22-Rabbit Hole Studios (Athens)

3/18/22-Jittery Joe's (Winder)

3/17/22-Akademia (Athens)

3/16/22-Hendershots (Athens)

3/12/22-Church Bar (Athens)

3/10/22-Hotel Indigo Best of Atlanta (Athens)

3/4-3/5/22-Town and Gown (Athens)

2/25/22-Jittery Joe's (Winder)

2/22/22-International Grill and Bar (Athens)

2/18/22-Canopy + The Roots (Dahlonega)

2/17/22-Akademia (Athens)

2/12/22-Blue Tarp Brewing (Tucker)

2/10/22-Waller's Coffee (Decatur)

2/2/22-Saucehouse (Athens)

1/28/22-Private Event (Roswell)

1/25/22-International Bar and Grill (Athens)

1/21/22-Jittery Joe's (Winder)

1/13/22-Akademia Brewing Company (Athens)

1/7/22- Strange Duck Brewery (Commerce)

1/5/22-Pontoon Brewing (Sandy Springs)

12/28/21-International Bar and Grill (Athens)

12/17/21-Jittery Joe's (Winder)

12/11/21-Private Event (Braselton)

12/10/21-Private Event (Kennesaw)

12/8/21-Slow Pour Brewing (Lawrenceville)

12/3/21-Hendershots w/Dom Irrera (Athens)

12/3/21-Private Event (Atlanta)

11/30/21-International Grill and Bar (Athens)

11/19/21-Jittery Joe's (Winder)

10/29/21-Hendershots (Athens)

10/28/21-Blake's of Braselton (Braselton)

10/26/21-International Grill and Bar (Athens)

10/22/21-Jittery Joe's (Winder)

10/20/21-Comedy on Broad (Athens)

10/17/21-Laughing Skull-Best of Atlanta (Atlanta)

10/14/21-Blake's of Braselton (Braselton)

10/7/21-Fetch Park (Atlanta)

10/1/21-Creature Comforts (Athens)

9/30/21-Blake's of Braselton (Braselton)

9/28/21-International Grill and Bar (Athens)

9/24/21-Jittery Joe's (Winder)

9/23/21-Waller's Coffee Shop (Decatur)

9/17/21-American Legion Post 70 (Villa Rica)

9/14/21-All About The Laughs Radio Show (Atlanta)

9/9/21-Blake's of Braselton (Braselton)

9/6/21- North Carolina Comedy Festival

9/3/21-Private Event (Duluth)

8/31/21-International Grill and Bar (Athens)

8/26/21-Blake's of Braselton (Braselton)

8/20/21-Jittery Joe's (Winder)

8/18/21-Southern Brewing Company (Athens)

8/12/21-Blake's of Braselton (Braselton)

8/3/21-Limerick Junction (Atlanta)

7/29/21- Flicker Theater w/ Caleb Synan (Athens)

7/26/21-Little Kings (Athens)

7/22/21-Blake's of Braselton (Braselton)

7/16/21-Jittery Joe's Barrow (Winder)

7/10/21-Krakin Jokes (Athens)

7/8/21-Blake's of Braselton (Braselton)

7/7/21-Laughing Skull (Atlanta)

7/3/21-Chimney Oaks Golf Club (Homer)

6/26/21-Red Light Cafe (Atlanta)

6/24/21-Blake's of Braselton (Braselton)

6/22/21-Flicker Theater (Athens)

6/19/21-Pinkies Up (Roswell)

6/18/21-Jittery Joe's Barrow (Winder)

6/15/21-Normal Bar (Athens)

6/15/21-Street Festival (Athens)

6/10/21-Blake's of Braselton (Braselton)

6/6/21-Laughing Skull-Best of ATL (Atlanta)

5/27/21-Blake’s of Braselton (Braselton)

5/22/21-Urban Tree (Atlanta)

5/21/21-Jittery Joe’s Barrow (Winder)

5/15/21-Latin Flavors (Winder)

5/13/21-Blake’s of Braselton (Braselton)

5/8/21-Blake's of Braselton (Braselton)

5/6/21- Southern Brewing Co. (Athens)

4/22/21-Blake’s of Braselton (Braselton)

4/20/21-Normal Bar (Athens)

4/16/21-Jittery Joe’s Barrow (Winder)

4/8/21-Blake’s of Braselton (Braselton)

3/23/21-Normal Bar (Athens)

3/19/21-Jittery Joe's (Winder)

3/18/21-Blake's of Braselton (Braselton)

3/11/21-Anchors Up (Kennesaw)

2/22/21-Little Kings (Athens)

2/19/21-Jittery Joe's (Winder)

2/11/21-Southern Brewing Co. (Athens)

1/15/21-Jittery Joe's (Winder)

12/18/20-Jittery Joe's (Winder)

11/25/20-Southern Brewing Co. (Athens)

11/24/20-Normal Bar (Athens)

11/19/20-Anchor Bar (Kennesaw)

11/13/20-Jittery Joe's (Winder)

10/30/20-Jittery Joe's (Winder)

10/20/20-Normal Bar (Athens)

10/12/20-Normal Bar (Athens)

9/10/20-Private Show (Gainseville)

3/10/20-Normal Bar (Athens)

3/9/20-World Famous (Athens)

3/8/20-Creature Comforts (Athens)

3/3/20-Hendershots (Athens)

3/1/20-Walker’s Pub (Athens)

2/26/20-Buvez (Athens)

2/24/20-World Famous (Athens)

2/18/20- Flicker (Athens)

2/18/20-Hendershots (Athens)

2/16/20-Walker’s Pub (Athens)

2/11/20-Laughing Skull (Atlanta)

2/10/20-The World Famous (Athens)

2/4/20-Hendershot’s (Athens)

2/1/20-Veronica’s Sweet Spot (Athens)

1/21/20-Hendershots (Athens)

1/19/20- Walker’s Pub (Athens)

1/14/20-Hendershots (Athens)

1/14/20-Normal Bar (Athens)

1/7/20-Flicker (Athens)

1/7/20-Hendershots (Athens)

1/6/20-Frat Show (Athens)

1/5/20-Walker’s Pub (Athens)

12/21/19-Veronica’s Sweet Spot (Athens)

12/16/19-World Famous (Athens)

12/11/19-Southern Brewery (Monroe)

12/10/19-Normal Bar (Athens)

12/4/19-Hendershots (Athens)

11/20/19-Veronica’s Sweet Spot (Athens)

11/19/19-Flicker Theater (Athens)

11/17/19-Walker’s Pub (Athens)

11/14/19-Caledonia (Athens)

11/11/19-Laughing Skull (Atlanta)

11/3/19-Walker’s Pub (Athens)

10/23/19-That Bar (Athens)

10/20/19-Walker’s Pub (Athens)

10/18/19-Moonlight Theater(Athens) (Headliner)

10/11/19-Loco’s (Athens)

10/8/19-Hendershots (Athens)

10/6/19-Walker’s Pub (Athens)

10/5/19-Max Canada (Athens)

10/3/19-Moonlight Theater (Athens)

10/1/19-Hendershots (Athens)

9/30/19-Creature Comforts (Athens)

9/25/19-Laughing Skull (Atlanta)

9/22/19-Walker’s (Athens)

9/20/19-Loco’s (Athens)

9/18/19-Hendershots (Athens)


9/13/19-Loco’s (Athens)

9/12/19-Sorority Show (Athens)

9/8/19-Walker’s Pub (Athens)

9/6/19-Loco’s (Athens)

8/31/19-Moonlight Theatre (Athens)

8/29/19-Go Bar (Athens)

8/25/19-Walker’s Pub (Athens)

8/24/19-Moonlight Theatre-Wrestlefest (Athens)

8/23/19-Moonlight Theatre-Wrestlefest (Athens)

8/20/19-Flicker Theatre (Athens)

8/17/19-Moonlight Theatre (Athens)

8/15/19-Moonlight Theatre (Athens)

8/6/19-Hendershots (Athens)

8/4/19-Walker’s Pub (Athens)

7/29/19-Wrestlefest-Moonlight Theatre (Athens)

7/27/19-Wrestlefest-Moonlight Theatre (Athens)

7/26/19-Wrestlefest-Moonlight Theatre (Athens)

7/23/19-Hendershots (Athens)

7/21/19-Walker’s Pub (Athens)

7/21/19-The World Famous (Athens)

7/20/19-Wrestlefest-Moonlight Theatre (Athens)

7/19/19-Summit Chase Country Club (Snellville)

7/16/19-Limerick Junction (Atlanta)

7/12/19-Moonlight Theater (Athens)

7/9/19-Hendershots (Athens)

7/6/19-Moonlight Theater (Athens)

7/2/19-Flicker Theatre (Athens)

6/29/19-Moonlight Theater (Athens)

6/27/19-Go Bar (Athens)

6/23/19-Walker’s Pub (Athens)

6/19/19-Hendershots (Athens)

6/9/19-Walker’s Pub (Athens)

6/8/19-Moonlight Theatre (Athens)

6/6/19-Moonlight Theatre (Athens)

6/4/19-Flicker Theater (Athens)

6/1/19-Laughing Skull (Atlanta)

5/30/19-Moonlight Theatre (Athens)

5/30/19-Go Bar (Athens)

5/26/19-Walker’s Pub (Athens)

5/19/19-Moonlight Theatre (Athens)

5/16/19-Moonlight Theatre (Athens)

5/14/19-Hendershots (Athens)

5/13/19-Laughing Skull (Atlanta)

5/3/19-Moonlight Theater (Athens)

5/2/19-The Globe (Athens)

5/2/19-Moonlight Theater (Athens)

4/27/19-Moonlight Theater (Athens)

4/23/19-Hendershots (Athens)

4/17/19-Hendershots (Athens)

4/13/19-Flicker (Athens)

4/11/19-Moonlight Theater (Athens)

4/5/19-Laughing Skull(Atlanta) (Best of Atlanta Showcase)

3/30/19-Semper Fi (Woodstock)

3/27/19-Sigma Chi Comedy Night (Athens)

3/26/19- Hendershots (Athens)

3/24/19-Walker’s Pub (Athens)

3/22/19-Hendershots (Athens)

3/16/19-Moonlight Theater (Athens)

3/12/19-Laughing Skull (Atlanta)

3/10/19-Walker’s Pub (Athens)

3/8/19-Rev’d Up Comedy (Smyrna) (1st Place)

2/28/19-Go Bar (Athens)

2/24/19-Walker’s Pub (Athens)

2/21/19-World Famous (Athens)

2/16/19-Moonlight Theatre (Athens)

2/12/19-Hendershots (Athens)

2/8/19-Moonlight Theater (Athens)

2/7/19-The Globe (Athens)

2/6/19- Hendershots (Athens)

2/4/19- North Georgia University (Gainesville)

1/31/19-Moonlight Theater (Athens)

1/27/19- Walker’s Pub (Athens)

1/23/19-Wayward (Athens)

1/13/19-Walker’s Pub (Athens)

1/9/19-The Strand (Marietta)

1/9/19-Laughing Skull Lounge (Atlanta)

12/20/18- World Famous (Athens)

12/11/18- Hendershots (Athens)

12/9/18- Walker’s Pub (Athens)

12/6/18- The Globe (Athens)

12/5/18- Hendershots (Athens)

12/4/18-Flicker (Athens)

12/1/18- The Globe (Athens)

11/26/18- Wayward (Athens)

11/25/18-Walker’s Pub (Athens)

11/15/18-World Famous (Athens)

11/13/18- Hendershots (Athens)

11/11/18- Walker’s Pub (Athens)

11/2/18-Veronica’s Sweet Spot (Athens)

10/28/18-Walker’s Pub (Athens)

10/23/18- Laughing Skull (Atlanta)

10/17/18- Hendershots (Athens)

10/16/18- Flicker (Athens)

10/14/18- Walker’s Pub (Athens)

10/7/18- Rook and Pawn (Athens)

9/29/18- Go Bar (Athens)

9/24/18-Laughing Skull (Atlanta)

9/22/18- Walker’s Pub (Athens)

9/20/18- The World Famous (Athens)

9/19/18- Hendershots (Athens)

9/7/18- Veronica’s Sweet Spot (Athens)

9/6/18- House Show (Athens)

9/2/18- Rook and Pawn (Athens)

8/28/18- Eventide Brewery (Atlanta)

8/18/18- House Show (Athens)

8/7/18- Flicker Theatre (Athens)

8/5/18- Rook and Pawn (Athens)

8/1/18- Hendershots (Athens)

7/30/18- Laughing Skull (Atlanta)

7/26/18- Flicker Theatre (Athens) (Samm Severin album recording)

7/21/18- Go Bar (Athens)

7/3/18- Flicker (Athens)

7/1/18- Rook and Pawn (Athens)

6/24/18- Walker’s Pub (Athens)

6/20/18- Flicker (Athens)

6/20/18- Hendershots (Athens)

6/10/18- Walker’s Pub (Athens)

6/3/18- Rook and Pawn (Athens)

5/31/18- World Famous (Athens)

5/31/18- Creature Comforts (Athens)

5/29/18- Laughing Skull (Atlanta)

5/26/18- Krakin’ Jokes (Athens)

5/24/18- The Pub (Athens)

5/15/18- Flicker Theater and Bar (Athens)

5/13/18- Walker’ Pub (Athens)

5/10/18- The Pub (Athens)

5/6/18- Rook and Pawn (Athens)

5/2/18- Hendershot’s (Athens)

4/26/18- Creature Comforts (Athens)

4/26/18- World Famous (Athens)

4/23/18- University of North Ga (Oconee)

4/16/18- Laughing Skull (Atlanta)

4/12/18- The Pub (Athens) (Host)

4/8/18- The Grotto (Athens)

4/4/18- Hendershots (Athens)

3/26/18- Caledonia Lounge (Athens) (Headlining)

3/24/18- Southern Brewery (Athens)

3/22/18- The Pub (Athens)

3/22/18- The World Famous (Athens)

3/21/18- Hendershots (Athens)

3/21/18- Flicker Theater and Bar (Athens)

3/18/18- Green Leather Comedy (Athens)

3/13/18- Laughing Skull (Atlanta)

3/8/18- The Pub (Athens)

¾/18- Rook and Pawn (Athens)

2/28/18- Hendershots (Athens)

2/26/18- The Grotto (Athens)

2/25/18- Walker’s Pub (Athens)

2/21/18- The Pub (Athens)

2/17/18- Shuffles (Athens)

2/13/18- Hendershots (Athens)

2/12/18- The Grotto (Athens)

2/11/18- Walker’s (Athens)

2/8/18- The Pub (Athens)

2/4/18- Rook and Pawn (Athens)

1/28/18- The Punchline (Atlanta)

1/23/18- Flicker Theater and Bar (Athens)

1/18/18- Creature Comforts (Athens)

1/18/18- The Pub (Athens)

1/14/18-Walker’s Pub (Athens)

1/7/18- The Rook and Pawn (Athens)

12/2/17- Go Bar (Athens)

11/12/17- Walker’s Pub (Athens)

11/7/17- Flicker Theater and Bar (Athens)

10/28/17- The 40 Watt (Athens)

10/25/17- Hendershots( Athens)

10/19/17- Creature Comforts (Athens)

10/3/17-Flicker Theater and Bar (Athens)

10/1/17- Rook and Pawn(Athens)

9/24/17- Walker’s Pub (Athens)

9/17/17- Rook and Pawn (Athens)

9/13/17- University of North Georgia Oconee Campus (Athens)

8/30/17- The Laughing Skull (Atlanta)

8/27/17- Walker’s Pub (Athens)

8/20/17- Rook and Pawn (Athens)

8/15/17- Flicker Theater and Bar (Athens)

8/14/17- Two Story Coffeehouse (Athens)

8/10/17- The Globe (Athens)

8/5/17- Go Bar (Athens)

7/23/17- Walker’s Pub (Athens)

7/20/17- Creature Comforts (Athens)

7/8/17- Go Bar (Athens)

6/17/17- The Lost Mirror (Athens)

6/12/17- Two Story Coffeehouse (Athens)

6/11/17- Walker’s Pub (Athens)

6/6/17- Flicker Theatre and Bar (Athens)

6/4/17- The Rook and Pawn (Athens)

5/25/17- Creature Comforts (Athens)

5/22/17- Two Story Coffeehouse (Athens)

5/16/17- Flicker Theatre and Bar (Athens)

4/10/17- Two Story Coffeehouse (Athens)

4/4/17- Flicker Theatre and Bar (Athens)

3/26/17- Krakin Jokes

2/22/17- Jerzees (Athens)

2/18/17- The Globe (Athens)

2/9/17- The Globe (Athens)

1/25/17- Jerzees (Athens)

1/23/17- University of North GA (Oconee Campus)

1/12/17- The Globe (Athens)

1/9/17- Two Story Coffeehouse (Athens)

1/3/17- Flicker Theatre and Bar (Athens)

12/11/16- Walker’s Pub (Athens)

12/8/16- Georgia Bar (Athens)

12/5/16- Go Bar (Athens)

11/17/16- Georgia Bar (Athens)

11/15/16- Laughing Skull (Atlanta)

11/7/16- Rooftop Georgia Theatre (Athens)

11/2/16- The World Famous (Athens)

11/1/16- Flicker Theatre and Bar (Athens)

10/30/16- The Punchline (Atlanta) (Finals)

10/27/16- Georgia Bar (Athens)

10/23/16- The Punchline (Atlanta)

10/20/16- Creature Comforts (Athens)

10/19/16- University of North Ga (Oconee Campus)

10/13/16- The Globe (Athens)

10/9/16- Walker’s Pub (Athens)

10/3/16- University of North Ga (Oconee Campus)

9/29/16- Georgia Bar (Athens)

9/22/16- The Globe (Athens)

9/21/16- Laughing Skull (Atlanta)

9/15/16- Georgia Bar (Athens)

9/6/16- Flicker Theatre and Bar (Athens)

8/31/16- Laughing Skull (Atlanta)

8/28/16- Walker’s Pub (Athens)

8/25/16- Creature Comforts (Athens)

8/16/16- Tavern on Main (Snellville)

8/14/16- Walker’s Pub (Athens)

8/11/16- The Globe (Athens)

8/2/16- Flicker Theatre and Bar (Athens)

7/27/16- Laughing Skull (Atlanta)

7/24/16- Walker’s Pub (Athens)

7/23/16- Lost Mirror (Athens)

7/19/16- Flicker Theatre and Bar (Athens)

7/14/16- The Globe (Athens)

7/10/16- Walker’s Pub (Athens)

7/6/16- Laughing Skull (Atlanta)

6/27/16- Laughing Skull (Atlanta)

6/21/16- Flicker Theatre and Bar (Athens)

6/20/16- Flicker Theatre and Bar (Athens)

6/20/16- Go Bar (Athens)

6/12/16- Walker’s Pub (Athens)

6/13/16- Flicker Theatre and Bar (Athens)

6/9/16- The Globe (Athens)

6/6/16- Flicker Theater and Bar (Athens)

6/6/16 Go Bar (Athens)

6/1/16- Laughing Skull (Atlanta)

5/31/16- Hendershots (Athens)

5/22/16- Walker’s Pub (Athens)

5/17/16- Flicker Theatre and Bar (Athens)

5/15/16- The Punchline (Atlanta)

5/12/16- Relapse Theatre (Atlanta)

5/9/16- Flicker Theatre and Bar (Athens)

5/8/16- Walker’s Pub (Athens)

5/4/16- Laughing Skull (Atlanta)

5/2/16- Flicker Theatre and Bar (Athens)

5/2/16- Go Bar (Athens)

4/28/16- Comfy Couch (Athens)

4/25/16- Laughing Skull (Atlanta)

4/18/16- Flicker Theatre and Bar (Athens)

4/18/16- Go Bar (Athens)

4/17/16- The Punchline (Atlanta)

4/11/16- Flicker Theatre and Bar (Athens)

4/4/16- Flicker Theatre and Bar (Athens)

4/4/16- Go Bar (Athens)

3/28/16- Flicker Theatre and Bar (Athens)

3/27/16- Walker’s Pub (Athens)

3/21/16- Laughing Skull (Atlanta)

3/17/16- Horse Feathers Bar (Athens)

3/15/16- Flicker Theatre and Bar (Athens)

3/14/16- Flicker Theatre and Bar (Athens)

3/7/16- Go Bar (Athens)

3/1/16- Flicker Theatre and Bar (Athens)

2/29/16- Live Wire Athens

2/27/16- Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone

2/22/16- Live Wire Athens

2/15/16- Live Wire Athens

2/10/16- Laughing Skull 

2/8/16- Live Wire Athens

2/2/16- Tavern on Main

2/1/16- Live Wire Athens

2/1/16- Go Bar

1/28/16- Sweetwater Bar 

1/25/16- The Office Lounge

1/23/16- Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone

1/19/16- Flicker Theatre and Bar

1/13/16- Laughing Skull 

1/10/16- Walker’s Pub

¼/16- The Office Lounge

12/28/15- The Office Lounge

12/21/15-The Office Lounge

12/15/15- Flicker Theatre and Bar

12/9/15-Laughing Skull

12/7/15- Go Bar

12/3/15- Comfy Couch Comedy

11/29/15- Walker’s Pub

11/16/15- Go Bar

11/10/15- Jerzees Sports Bar

11/8/15- Walker’s Pub

11/3/15- Flicker Theatre and Bar

10/29/15- Sweetwater Bar 

10/26/15- The Office Lounge

10/24/15- Lumpkin Street Station

10/13/15- Jerzees Sports Bar

10/11/15- Walker’s Pub

9/27/15- Walker’s Pub

9/13/15- Walker’s Pub

9/1/15- Flicker Theatre and Bar

8/26/15- The Laughing Skull

8/9/15- Walker’s Pub

7/21/15- Flicker Theatre and Bar

7/21/15- Comedic Conversations with Colorful Characters (WUOG 90.5FM)

7/12/15- Walker’s Pub

7/6/15- Go Bar

6/28/15- Walker’s Pub

4/12/15- Walker’s Pub

3/17/15- Flicker Theatre and Bar

1/7/15- The World Famous

12/14/14- Walker’s Pub

12/2/14- Flicker Theatre and Bar

11/4/14- Flicker Theatre and Bar 

10/9/14- Hi-Lo Lounge

9/28/14- Walker’s Pub

9/17/14- New Earth Music Hall

9/9/14- Jerzees Sports Bar

9/2/14- Flicker Theatre and Bar 

8/19/14- The Laughing Skull

8/7/14- Hi-Lo Lounge 

7/27/14- Walker’s Pub 

7/15/14- Flicker Theatre and Bar 

7/3/14- Hi Lo Lounge 

6/16/14- Go Bar 

6/5/14- Hi-Lo Lounge

5/27/14- Jerzees Sports Bar 

5/21/14- The Laughing Skull 

5/6/14- Flicker Theatre and Bar

4/22/14- Jerzees Sports Bar 

4/13/14- Walker’s Pub 

4/1/14- Jerzees Sports Bar 

3/17/14- Go Bar

3/9/14- Walker’s Pub

¾/14- Flicker Theatre and Bar

2/26/14- Atlanta Improv

2/16/14- Walker’s Pub

2/4/14- Flicker Theatre and Bar

1/21/14- Laughing Skull Lounge

12/10/13- Flicker Theatre and Bar

11/26/13- Laughing Skull Lounge

11/19/13- Flicker Theatre and Bar

10/16/13- Laughing Skull Lounge

10/15/13- Flicker Theatre and Bar

9/26/13- Sweetwater Bar and Grille

9/3/13- Flicker Theatre and Bar

8/20/13- Laughing Skull Lounge

8/6/13- Flicker Theatre and Bar

7/18/13- Sweetwater Bar and Grille

7/11/13- Sweetwater Bar and Grille

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