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Getting Told That You Suck

Comedy is humbling. One show you're on top of the world and the next, you're back down in the gutter. The process can be brutal but also amazing.

I got an email from a lady asking me if I'd be interested in doing a show for her friend's birthday party. I called her, we talked details, and worked everything out. I was excited to do the show.

She tells me that she and a couple friends are coming to a show that I host, just to check it out. I warn her that the show I host will be a lot different that the show I was going to put on for the birthday. (She wanted cleaner material and more polished comedians. And that's what I booked. But for my show, I booked comedians that do dirtier material.)

Anyways, long story short she calls me after the show and tells me that her friend who also came to the show no longer wanted me to come to the party. Because well...I sucked.

In my defense, there weren't many people at my show, so I wasn't doing my A material. But I can admit that I probably could have done a little better.

The lesson here is that you can't please everyone. Did I suck that night? Yeah, probably. I did the best with what I had to work with. All of her friends seemed to be enjoying the show and laughing, but I guess one of them just wasn't feeling it.

But it is weird to have someone flat out tell you that you suck at something you've been working so hard at. But it's okay. So far, I've only had one person tell me to my face that I suck, but I've had dozens of other people tell me that I've done really well. But for some reason I can only focus on that one negative thing.

Anyways, I'm going to beat myself up over this for a few more days and then I'm going to go do a show at someone else's birthday party. Keep your fingers crossed that I don't bomb.

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1 Comment

Sandy Williams
Sandy Williams
Aug 27, 2021

It was a weird night. I did my piece that is usually a solid kill and it didn’t feel like it was landing so well…. You were fine. Honestly a couple of the others were a bit antagonistic…. It wasn’t the strongest night overall, Comedy is subjective. Period. She should not have you over if you weren’t what she wanted, but to say you sucked was out of Line.

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