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Laugh at Yourself

Being able to laugh at yourself is pretty important, especially in comedy. You can’t take these things too seriously. One night, a crowd will be on your side and laughing, and the next, you’re all alone on stage fighting to get through those 5 minutes. I was talking with a friend and he asked me how I dealt with getting on stage and no one laughing. And to me, it’s all about attitude. Before I take the stage, I have to remind myself that it’s okay if no one laughs. It’s okay

Become An Observer

Most of the time when I go to a comedy venue, it’s to perform and try to get better. But other times, I just like to go and watch other comedians work on their craft. It’s a fun and educational experience. I think one of the most important things you can do is always be open and always be learning, especially from people who have been doing it longer than you. So far, I’ve only done six performances. Six. That’s nothing. Some of the comedians that I go see have been doing thi

Trying Out New Material

This is a subject that I’m really just starting to learn. The truth is that every time I try out new material, I feel like I’m taking the stage for the first time again. The jokes have never been tested and I have no idea how the crowd will react. Sometimes, they go over well and other times they fall flat on their face. In which case, they are either marked off the list or sent back to the drawing board in order to be polished or rewritten. But that’s the cool thing about op

Stage Fright

The biggest obstacle for me doing stand-up was stage fright. I tend to get very nervous before any big event. Also, I’m not a huge fan of the spotlight and I do my best not to be the center of attention. However, for some reason, stand-up has always appealed to me. Sure, I’m an introverted guy with painful shyness, but there’s just something about being on stage that helps me come out of my shell. So how do we get over stage fright? Simple. Just Go For It. There is no magical

Have a Plan Before You Stand (Up)

Doing stand up comedy has always been a dream of mine, and until recently, that dream has always stayed on the back burner. Things like doubt, fear and rejection always kept me from taking the stage. However, after I graduated college, I started to realize that I was wasting time and not pursuing anything that really made me happy. So I figured now was the time to go after that comedy dream. The first thing I learned about open mics and comedy, is that you need to check out a