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Come Check Out The Dublin Down Comedy Show

If you're looking for something fun to do on St. Patrick's Day and you love to laugh, come hang out at Little Kings Shuffle Club in Athens on March 17th. There's going to be a fantastic comedy show starting at 9pm. The show includes performances by Haley Ellman, a hilarious comedian from Atlanta, and yours truly. The headliner will be Tim Chirikalov. He was born in Ukraine, (Diet Russia) now living in New York City. With a unique sense of humor, profound dry wit and a likable

Stage Fright

The biggest obstacle for me doing stand-up was stage fright. I tend to get very nervous before any big event. Also, I’m not a huge fan of the spotlight and I do my best not to be the center of attention. However, for some reason, stand-up has always appealed to me. Sure, I’m an introverted guy with painful shyness, but there’s just something about being on stage that helps me come out of my shell. So how do we get over stage fright? Simple. Just Go For It. There is no magical

Don’t Be Mean

If you’re thinking about doing comedy or even if you have been doing comedy for a while, a good rule to follow is “don’t be mean.” Look, stand-up isn’t easy. It’s difficult. But even the ability to get up on a stage and trying to make strangers laugh is brave. It takes guts.  I was lucky because I had a lot of supportive people around. They will tell me good job, even if I felt I did terrible. They never made me feel bad for chasing a passion of mine. And that’s something I

Finding Humor in Hard Times

I believe it was Mark Twain that said, “Humor is tragedy plus time.” At least that’s what the Google result told me. Regardless, it’s an accurate statement. I feel like there are times in our lives where things aren’t going great and we fail to see the good or the humor. Sometimes, it does take time for us to find the silver lining or to be able to have a positive outlook. That’s what I enjoy about comedy. If I do my job correctly and prepare, I can help people forget about t

Have a Plan Before You Stand (Up)

Doing stand up comedy has always been a dream of mine, and until recently, that dream has always stayed on the back burner. Things like doubt, fear and rejection always kept me from taking the stage. However, after I graduated college, I started to realize that I was wasting time and not pursuing anything that really made me happy. So I figured now was the time to go after that comedy dream. The first thing I learned about open mics and comedy, is that you need to check out a